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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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i would do it twice. with a bruised and battered face, a man hits former suns star kevin johnson with a pie and is telling his side of the story. did you hear that? he said he would do it all over again. >> and kevin johnson wasn't laughing. >> no. he fought back. good morning. it's friday, almost to the weekend. how about the weather? >> not bad. i wanted to update you that we are seeing fog across the valley. if you are getting ready to the morning commute, notice you will notice the fog across the valleys, but the visibility is not impacting too much. visibility at least at sky harbor is still at 9 miles per hour, so just a slight drop in the visibility, not too bad but i'll keep watching it for you. 73 right now and we are drying throughout the day and clearing out, and our temperatures will
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mid-80s. we'll talk about the weekend outlook next. mallory? iris, we do have a crash, the only crash on the freeways blocking the two last lanes 43 southbound, and it's slowing things down. you will see flares set up there. we don't have too many details about the crash but i want to give you a closer look. the 143 is still pretty light and it's almost back to the exit you airport. and if you want to use 202 or the 10 just to wrap your way around the delays, that could be a good idea. valleyed with, we are seeing delays on the 10 in the west valley, typical for a friday morning and i-17, also slow and go. a look at the desert drive times next. a scary situation, an armed man, racing from police at more than 100 myers this morning 100
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on the freeway while you were sleeping. >> 102 miles per hour now cutting through traffic. requesting stop sticks. subject is advised to have a gun. again, 10 -- 51, the subject is armed. >> yeah, a fight here, the man armed with a rifle and ran inside the s.w.a.t. team moved those cameras so the wanted person inside couldn't see what they were doing but he eventually gave himself up. dan? chris, police arrest a sexual assault suspect, and i have to tell you, disturbing disturb pictures to say the least. rodolfo ramirez, police say, sexually assaulted a woman, three times last weekend, once
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this? tosses her over his shoulder. and apparently, it happened two more times in his home. the victim apparently passed out from drink too much, and her friend had gone to get her car. ramirez dropped her off after the sexual assaults, chris. dan, new video out of charlotte this morning, a calmer scene on the third night of protests. the curfew was lifted. it was this morning but police did not enforce it as long as er the national guard was on scene all night and there was growing demands for police officers release the video that shows an of officers shooting the man. just hour ago in arizona, vice presidential candidate mike pence talked about the riots unfolding in north
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country today that unites us than will ever divide the people of the united states of america. it's already there. >> meantime, his running mate donald trump canceled his e vent in ohio to concentrate on debate prep, and hillary clinton is also preparing for the face off. on good morning, america, robin and hillary clinton's lead is dwindling. donald trump is trailing by just 2 points in colorado and 6 points in virginia. a heads up. in two hours, the first congressional debate for district 1 will occur. the breakfast debate between paul babeu and tom halloran.
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debate and we will live stream it. you can go to and you can download our mobile app to watch that on the grow. and we have pictures of the pieing of kevin johnson. the mayor of sacramento was hit in the face with a pie at an event, and the man behind it, he was telling us why. >> i wasn't in another opportunity, and i said you need to better represent your people, and he looked me right in the eye when i said that. >> sean thompson talked to a sacramento reporter and said that kj is too focused on a basketball arena and not the real issues, and he hit the mayor in the face with a pie, and he said he would do it
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the marriott is the largest hotel chain now. justin pazera, what do people need to know? >> reporter: this merger is official, marriott buying starwood, a dlean $000 million deal. and the thing is this is hitting some of the valley's biggest hotels and resorts. and they are now under the marriott umbrella they announced the $13 billion deal to purchase starwood, and it done. the big hotels that we are talking about, the w hotel, the big sheraton in downtown, they are now under the marriott brel -- umbrella. the high-level officials, those jobs could be the ones impacted. coming up at 6:30, you can see
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the name stay the same? i asked the president that question and we will give you his answer coming up. justin pazera, abc15. i'm allison rodriguez live at phoenix sky harbor, and all up and down here we will see picketers later today, picketing southwest airlines at the southeast end. why? they are unhappy with what they say southwest is doing, outsourcing local maintenance workers, unlicensed workers from other countries and they want better wages. southwest was dealing with this earlier, last month with the flight attendants picketing as well. coming up at 6:30, how south west is responding. allison rodriguez, abc15. traffic is heavy, i-10 at 35th avenue and a look at the delays on i-17.
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for the serial street shooter. what is being gone to try and keep you safe. and as you step outside, we are looking at foggy and cooler conditions next. and iris, new video coming
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the clean up happening in parts of utah after a tornado touches down. check out the damage here.
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vantage point of dozens of homes damaged. trees and power lines are down littering this area and many people are waking up without water or gas. crew list to shut down the gas lines for safety reasons. amazingly when you look at this, no injuries to report. when you look at that, we'll shift gears here and bring in our weather expert, iris hermosillo. iris, bring us here local. this will be great. it will be a g the storm system that brought that weather to utah and bringing in cooler and drier air after the storms yesterday but this is what we are seeing now, foggy conditions. this is a view from the phoenix children's hospital valley cam. if you are driving through this, visibility not impacted, still at 10 miles. and you should see quite a distance ahead despite the fog. the skies have been clearing. we are seeing the fog develop and not seeing rain chances in
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from the southeast for shower chances earlier this morning. temperature wise, we are cool starting in the 60s to 70s. notice the 60s across the west valley and low accepts across the east valley so comfortable -- low 70s across the east valley so comfortable this morning and the humidity drops and check out the temperatures, warming into the 80s and a high of only 86. we'll talk about the forecast next. mallory? iris, if you are hopping on the 17, the drive time is slowing, not too bad, just slower at bethany home or so. you are seeing the delays we're used on the 10 in the west valley and the good news, the crash on state route 143 is clear and you are not seeing extra slowing because of it. i am not seeing anything just
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iris has been telling us about. but it should not impact the visibility. shocking video, just released of an officer pepper spraying a teenager while in the back of a police cruiser. a lot of people are asking, did this officer go too far? dan, a mugshot, the tulsa police officer charged with first degree manslaughter. the question is where is she right now? we have the answers.
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it's a quarter after 6:00. good morning, folks. what a beautiful morning. cloudsand fog and everything mixed in there as we prepare
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and cool. and iris hermosillo working on the most accurate forecast as we speak. >> you are going to be sprayed. does this go too far? watch this. the question a lot of people are asking after body cam video was just released showing a maryland police officer pepper spraying a 15-year-old girl in the back seat of the squad car. policesay that the teen caused bicycle into the side of a car. witnesses claim she was resisting arrest, cussing at police and they handcuffed her and put her in the car. dan, a big arrest south of the border as mention can police have announced they detained one of the fbi's 10 most wanted fugitives, arrested in the border state of
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1988 in chicago. no word when he will be ex extradicted back to the u.s., dan. chris, that could be the largest data breach in history, 500 million yahoo accounts hacked a couple of years ago. how did it happen? why did it take so long to report it? we could get insight as the company sheds light on the question today. yaho orbs believes that hackers with breached their system. it might impact the sale of yahoo to verizon. verizon said they might need more time to assess the situation. dan, this is a perfect example of see something, say something, and it's back to business, back to normal at la guardia. this is video happening overnight as passengers were evacuated from a terminal. someone told authorities about a suspicious vehicle that was parked outside the door.
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but it's still unclear but smart thinking to let someone know, dan. disturbing news to pass along about our national parks. a congressional committee reporting misconduct at all parks including the grand canyon, yosemite, and yellowstone and it includes sexual harassment and bullying. theysay in plan to come up with solutions quickly. 6:18, and let's turn to a weather alert. come to your tv and check out this video. i am seeing this for the first time and let's watch this together. look at the strong winds and rain out of utah where they were just tagged. it doesn't sound like there were any serious injuries, my producers are telling me, but my goodness. look at the strong winds, intense stuff. so when you talk about the strength of mother nature, it doesn't end there.
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dangerous flash flooding in the midwest, iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, all trying to dry out. look as that as a strong storm system moves through. some areas received 6" of rain in a matter of hours, less than that as a matter of fact. and check out this, too. the cameras rolling as an -- oh, there she goes. someone will be upset that. over the dam in hatfield, wisconsin. the rain caused water levels to quickly rise up to 3 feet. the boat, like the ss minnow now, and the current swept it away. it's unclear how many boats were damaged. someone will be upset about that, but i like to tell the stories because nobody was injured, iris. that's the good news, chris, and we had heavy downpours in our state yesterday but now, as skies are
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lingering moisture over the phoenix metro and that's creating the fog, so fog over the valley. as you are driving from this, visibility should not be impacted too much. this is the view from the value cam that shows it gloomy. when you step outside, temperatures in the 60s to low 70s all across the valley. so feeling comfortable this morning and across the state, colder up north, down in the 30s in spots like flagstaff. it will be a gorgeous day today as we bring in dr i keep showing you the surface moisture imagery because every time we go to it you can see the drier air pushing further and further east and it will eventually replace the moisture over the valley and we will feel lower humidity this afternoon. and our rain chance is done for the phoenix metro. but a few showers in the southeast this morning before we clear out the rain as we go through the day today. tonight, nice and mostly clear and tomorrow, a similar setup
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so maybe make weekend plans to be outdoors especially in the morning. now, temperatures will warm into the 80s, but you can see how gradual of a warm up it will be. by lunchtime, still only in the low 80s before we hit the high of 86. the 7-day forecast, temperatures will warm into the 90s through the weekend and rain chances return next week. we'll talk more on that and the cool temperatures you'll feel tonight in just minutes. i told you minutes ago, we were hearing of a crash loop 202 at 24th street. it's right near the loop 2 very 2 ramp and we don't have a good vantage point of this crash. and it looks like they're restricting the off-ramp. looks like they are not turning left but right. and we have to have a crew out there because it looks like they are closing the roads in the area.
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unfortunate, not friday light and the delays begin and take you to the mini stack. east valley drivers, very quiet all morning along along the 60 and 101 and 202. a crash earlier at alma school and elliot and it looks like it's in the clearing stages. i will have more for you on a new crash i'm hearing on state route 51 next. a 100-mi ends with a suspect in the am/pm. look at them moving the cameras, but it ended peacefully. taxpayers, we will be paying a hefty salary even though the job is no longer
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super lice has gone back to school as the north valley charter school has 77 cases. it's spreading fast and all the parents in the school have gotten a letter stating that the kids will be sent home if they are infected. super lice is very difficult to beat as experts say that over the counter treatment for shampoos don't work so well.
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an >> there is no quick cure, no shampoo, no pills. you have to manually remove every single nit from the hair to get rid of head lice. >> oh, moms and dads, you can do that but the treatment centers will cost around $100. and a brand new big green box on mill satisfy all about to improve visibility and safety for bikers. so the bike box just installed at 10th and mill them a priority at the stoplight. drivers, stop at the line before the green box and let bicyclists fill in the space between the cars in the intersection. the city of tempe hopes this will prevent crashes. >> we refer to them as a more vulnerable user and don't have the luxury of a car. by having the vacation and allowing them to move in the front vats a safer experience for the bicycle.
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friendly. you could see more of them popping up in tempe. mallory next at 6:30, a video causing massive protests, but what police see and what keith scott's families see are two different narratives. and it's a $13 billion deal, some of the largest hotels in the valley get a new owner. so what that means for you, the customer, coming up. brake lights on the 10 in the west valley and a crash off morning drive. the smart route next. and i'm looking at thick clouds over the superstitions,
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because practice pays off. because it's better to give than to receive. because there's no place like home. midfirst bank will always be true to your money - that let you focus on what's most important.
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a picket planned here at sky harbor. how it could affect your
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the president is making his first public reaction and it's an exclusive you won't see anywhere else. forget the super bowl. forget about the super brawl. it's not a fight but a debate. what the candidates are doing to prepare. and it's fall, iris. i know. this is what happens when skies clear out quickly with moisture out there. we get the fog but it's not having a major impact on the visibility and the drive into work. valley look not so pretty as it looks hazy out there. no major impact as you are driving into work. a slight chance for a shower in the far southeastern part of the valley. drier air will take over, it's already drying thought morning and will continue to dry out in the afternoon. cool temperatures on the walk from the bus stop and a pleasant afternoon. you might want to make park
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school. we'll talk about your weekend forecast in a few minutes. mallory? and as you said, the fog won't impact the morning drive but a couple of crashes will. and this is route 202 westbound at 24th street but in the past couple seconds, dps is blocking the exits. you will not be able to use that. and it sounds like the crash is northbound side of traffic. 32nd street will get you around it, whreght or side streets or off the freeway. if that is part of your route, you are just fine. delays on the 10 and a crash on the 101 in the north valley. i'll map that out coming up. mallory, while you were talking i got a new update from the phoenix police department regarding a suspect who took
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going more than 100 miles per hour on a high-speed chase which led to a barricade at a convenience store. it turns out that 20-year-old jesse cisneros went into the convenience store because he was wanted on felony charges. listen to what our crews were told on the scene. >> gentlemen, want to let you know that your lives are in danger. >> yeah. telling everyone to get back and get out thereof because according to officers, was armed with a rifle. and he was at the am/pm at 32nd and cactus. the officers moved the cameras because the guy was inside possibly watching the movement of the s.w.a.t. team, and it was those officers who talked him into giving himself up, dan. we have calls into police to find out more about two late-
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and bethany home road. 1 man is not doing well. and police are wondering if it's part of a separate scene at 95th and northern, the same story at this place, a man with life-threatening injuries. hour from now, the phoenix arizona guardian angels will hit the streets in search of the serial street shooter. this is video from the patrol last month. they are patrolling more of the last time they struck, july 11. there is a $75,000 reward to find this guy. call silent witness with information to lead to an arrest. dan, we are getting the first mugshot of the tulsa police officer arrested in the recent shooting. this is her, facing first degree manslaughter charges for shooting a man with his hands up. officer betty shelby posted a
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her attorney said that terence crutcher was acting weird when she approached and she thought he was reaching for a weapon. from there to charlotte. the mayor announcing that a second night of curfew is in place. overnight, crowds ignored the midnight curfew start but demonstrations were lighter that happen other days. the public is urging release of the video of keith scott getting shot. policesay it's hard to tell if he raised his weapon. president obama has been silent on the charlotte protests as he is exclusively speaking to good morning, america, telling robin roberts that the protesters can protest but have to find a way to do it peacefully. >> what we have seen is the overwhelming majority of people
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police doing the right way, and once in a while, you see folks doing it the wrong way. looting and breaking glass, those things are not going to advance the cause. >> police chief is saying those are not protesters but criminals. you can catch the entire interview in half an hour. dan, you may see picketers at sky harbor as we look live at the airport. abc15's allison rodriguez is live there with more. allison? >> reporter: the aircraft mechanics fraternal organization will be up and down this area right here. who are they going to be picketing against? they are not happy with southwest airlines where we are right here on terminal 4. the local group is trying to spread the word and have every member show up.
6:36 am
here. according to the association, they are picketing the airlines for outsources local maintenance workers to unlicensed workers in other counties. southwest has released a statement saying in part, while we are disappointed by the lack of partnership, we remain committed to working with them to reach an agreement and focusing negotiating table. you might want to plan for extra travel time this morning. that picket is set to get underway in about an hour. back to you. >> thank you, allison. a mega merger between marriott and starwood is becoming official. how will this affect people who work at the resorts or hotels in the valley or perhaps those
6:37 am
locations? abc15 justin pazera has more. justin? >> reporter: the president of marriott was up bright and early and chatting about the $13 billion merger. first of all, for the employees, he said 90%, they will not see anything different but the top-level officials, the top 10%, they may see shift. for instance, he said they don't need two ceoss. if you are in the rewards program, this same. if you are a platinum member in starwood, you'll be platinum at marriott. and this is the largest hotel chain in the world, and they believe that will give them more negotiating power in places like expedia and priceline. but this merger does link some of the big hotels in the valley, the w, the phoenician resort. that is affecting them and they have a new owner this morning.
6:38 am
deal is done this morning. justin pazera, abc15. and it's set to be the biggest night of the presidential race, hillary clinton and donald trump ready to square off on monday night in new york and the polls are showing a tight race nationally and also in the critical battle ground states. experts are weighing in saying trump needs to remain calm and collect and clinton needs to take a different approach. >> she can't talk down to the audience in a way them feel like oh, she is just another person out of washington, d.c. does that want relate to our life. >> the audience on monday night is asked not to react, no cheering, no booing. the tv audience is expected to reach super bowl levels, dan. see if they adhere to the rules, but the early ballots are going out in idaho, minnesota, south dakota, vermont, and wyoming.
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12 but you have to be registered to vote by the 10th of october. if you plan on voting early, request the early ballot before the 29th of this month. dan, breaking news at 6:39 and mallory has been telling you about a situation at the 202 and 24th street. we have a photographer on the scene. you can see the crime scene tape is up after a man his 40s was on a bicycle and was apparently hit and dragged by a car several feet. 24th and the 202 underpass. you can see the flares set up. this is now a crime scene, and that person was taken to a trauma center, and that means that the injuries are pretty significant. phoenix police are confirming this to us right now. the 202 and 24th street, and mallory, you were the first to tell us about this and all the traffic alerts. yeah. this will affect you along loop 202. take a look.
6:40 am
westbound on the 202 red mountain at 24th street. you will have to use the 32nd street exit or along the surface streets, use 32nd also. there is a lot of congestion in the area. the slowest spot, still the 10 in the west valley. and we have a couple of crashes in the area. this one is on the 51 at northern. it sounds like it just cleared. you're not see anything slowing the loop 101 westbound at seventh avenue on the shoulder. you are seeing delays eastbound on the 101. a 10-minute desert drive time from the 17 to the 51 but before cave creek, things ease up. we are heading out to the east valley, iris. mallory, at least we are not adding rain into the mix but it's foggy. the good news, look at the visibility. it's still at 10 miles, so no
6:41 am
8:00, it will clear out. 71 is the current temperature and check out the dew points. man, they keep dropping. we are getting drier air in here and today also getting cooler air. so temperature wise today, we'll gradually warm and eventually end up in the mid- 80s and cool off overnight under clear skies and tomorrow morning, i highlighted the area of the cooler temperatures. we're talking temperatures dropping in the 50s and 60s a cooler start but a warmer afternoon by tomorrow. we'll talk more about when rain chances return next. all right, iris. the time is 6:41, and another blow to for-profit colleges as the department of education is announcing plans to cut ties. it could mean a big setback for you. he's a man on a mission, running thousands of miles
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with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version.
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hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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coming up on 6:45, breaking news merging with a traffic alert, look live at loop 202 at 24th street. the crime scene tape is up, and this scene, a bicyclist hit by a car and the area is clearly shut down. you may be thinking, hey, i am not taking 24th. but 202, the exit to 24th is closed.
6:45 am
rubbernecking going on. that's a heads up. meanwhile, a major setback for anyone attending for-profit schools. they could soon close. the education department a announced they're cutting ties with the largest creditor. the council has been accused of lax oversight of the schools. the agency that once owned the now defunct corinthian college. dan? you might be footing the bill for the president's retirement, ann weaver hart. she will be stepping down before her contract ends. the university's transition plan has the student body and reportedly, the taxpayers paying her. they will soon have a hire date of the new president there.
6:46 am
to me. she was just in town for the cardinals. a buccaneer's tight end is starting the day in a jail cell, arrested this morning on dui charges stopped by florida highway patrol for, according to officers, driving 75 miles per hour a 55 zone. that's criminal speed when you're stwent over and -- 20 over and passenger cut trooper while weaving. bad decision, dan. he made his way to the valley, an ultra marathoner. is there a bigger word than ultra? this guy running to support the hope association. he just made his first stop in phoenix. check out the pre-dawn running. he started his journey in los
6:47 am
distance running. he finished second place in the world's longest race of 175 miles in portugal. he is running for the hope association, non-profit to help pediatric mobile health clinics. we are behind him and wishing him the best from afar. the peoria main library is stepping into the digital realm, stocking up shelfs with ipads, apps well. librarianssay it will benefit parents and kids especially when it comes to getting your children ready to start school. >> the first thing to do to learn how to write is to use your fingers, swiping, pinching, pointing. they're moving things around. and that is all getting them ready for school. >> stop by the peoria main library to check it out.
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national get a library card month. say goodbye to summer with the trip down the salt river tubing. it's the last weekend of the year to have fun in the sun. grab the tubes and life vest. it will close sunday evening until next season. how does a mcgridle sound? not right now but for dinner. mcdonald's announced they are expanding the all-daybreak fast menu you have grown to love. some of them will be testing out the breakfast happy meal. we may be seeing them right here in the near future, iris. and maybe mcdonald's will have a patio to enjoy for dinner or lunch. i think it will be perfect through today. right now, it's foggy with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and that fog will clear out,
6:49 am
east as we stay dry in the valley and end up with mostly sunny skies and cooler temperatures, too. we'll gradually warm. by 10:00, still in the 70s, and we'll make it in the low 80s by lunchtime, and sunny and mild and this afternoon, some breezes gusting at 15 to 20 miles per hour, light breezes and highs in the mid-80s. dinner time, only 80 and mostly clear skies. the rain chances return by sunday and in the valley, we could see the rain chances back by the middle of next week. we'll talk about the warm up we'll feel in a few minutes. mallory? iris, i want to give you another look at the exit ramp on the 202, a crash that chris and i have been telling you about, 24th and the 202. and you will see the excite ramp clocked. more details eastbound.
6:50 am
let's switch to the traffic maps. the eastbound side, as they are trying to exit at 24th street, the northbound side is closed. you can only travel southbound. everyone in the area, just take 32nd. you will have to head out early. make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time if this is part of your morning route. and i want to hop over to the east valley. i-10 westbound is slowing until you mitt the 60. the rest of the valley, just small pockets of slowing as far as the east valley. i-10 in the west valley next, heavy delay -- delays this morning. never too early to think about the military members comes home for the holidays, and it is phoenix staffers are going to assemble comfort kits to the military members traveling home.
6:51 am
snacks, and entertainment items. wesay thank you to all the members. are you crazy about the cardinals? we are. join us as we talk about the red bird alive on the abc15 facebook page. every friday and monday night at 7:00, you will see the one on one interviews and your favorite players stopping by as we interact live tonight at 7:00. dan, our crew on the scene of this incident at the 202 at 24th street just now got updated. this is a de
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here at 6:54, we have just confirmed that the crash at loop 202 and 24th, you can see the ground crew there, has turned deadly. a man on a bicycle was hit by a cement truck at 6:00 this morning and police are apparently talking to the driver. if you are wondering how this impacts you, the westbound exit lane is closed on 202, and th people try and get a look at what happened. the lane restrictions happening through rush hour. and a deadly rollover crash in goodyear, two people ejected on the loop 303 near mcdowell. one of them was killed. the freeway has been re-opened. i'm allison rodriguez live at phoenix sky harbor where a picket is being planned by a local mechanics' group.
6:55 am
southwest airlines saying that the airline is outsourcing maintenance workers to unlicensed workers in other counties and they want better wages as well. similar pickets are planned in houston, dallas, and chicago. this is scheduled to start at 7:30 this morning. reporting live from phoenix sky harbor, abc15. anth the marriott merging with starwood. the deal is complete, a $13 billion deal. the jobs, 90% of them will not be affected meaning most of the jobs in the valley will see no impact. marriott's presidents that the rewards program, they will work together at this point. marriott is now the largest hotel chain in the world. live in mesa, justin pazera,
6:56 am
marijuana dispensary is about to open its doors in scottsdale in a former bank building at hayden road, and there will be specials all day. and in the east valley, if you have a warrants -- warrant and want it taken care of, you 1:00 at the apache court. and the phoenix fire department is hiring with recruitment beginning october 3 and a written exam on october 16th. today is the type of day we have been be looking forward to all summer, only in the 80s and mostly clear skies and tomorrow a high of 90 and morning
6:57 am
60s. make plans for the outdoors for the weekend. rain chances the middle of next week. to get around the closures at 202, take 32nd instead. you are looking at a 30-minute drive time in from the west valley and this is loop 101 northbound, the ramp to 202 westbound, stay to the right. the lights never turn off
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, more protests in charlotte. [ chanting "no justice, no peace" ] >> the family of the man killed by police speaking out about new in an abc news exclusive, president obama on the anger and violence in those streets. >> every once in a while you see folks doing it the wrong way, looting, breaking glass. those things are not going to advance the cause. >> the president also sharing his advice for hillary clinton about those upcoming debates. and his message this morning for donald trump. >> 500 million accounts at yahoo! breached.


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